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Feeling lost and overwhelmed in the pursuit of your ambition, success, and progress?

I get it my friend, I’ve been in your shoes!

So let’s get you back on track to being the leader of your life and biz


I help high-achieving female entrepreneurs lead their life and business from their true potential.

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I do this by helping them shift out of Stress, Overwhelm and, Burnout into Flow, Resilience, Ease, and Efficiency.


The results?

A life that’s wildly successful, impactful, AND emotionally liberating.


Before coaching and consulting, I worked as a medical doctor. My curiosity and openness for life led me to live in several different countries. I feel grateful and lucky to have the education I’ve had, but my greatest teachers in life, have been my experiences around the world and my spiritual connection with the Higher Power.

The physical, mental, and the emotional demands of my medical career pushed me to a place of feeling lost, disconnected to my purpose and overwhelmed with everything.

I felt spiritually exhausted and desperately wanted a more satisfying career, one that aligned with who I am, and brought more ease and flow into my life.


A combination of spirituality and science were my saving graces.

Both allowed me to deepen my understanding of myself, master my emotions and my uniqueness, shift my mindset and take a leadership role in operating my life and career towards success. 



During my transformation, two things became very clear to me


Two things play the biggest role in our level of success and fulfillment in life. One, the ability emotions have to affect and influence the quality of our life and experiences. Two, a shift in perspective can change the trajectory of any situation.


It’s my purpose to help other high-achievers build emotional resilience to create a quality life and a quality business. It’s my soul-led passion to help them cultivate a leadership mindset that creates a successful, impactful and emotionally liberating experiences and outcomes in their life.



Over the past 2 years, I have served hundreds of clients through my workshops, group coaching, and private coaching.

I have coached clients from all over the world, and helped them build emotional resilience and cultivate a leadership mindset for designing the life and success they want.

I look forward to helping you do the same!

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My Qualifications 

Doctor of Medicine (MD), General Medicine - University of Oradea

Certified Coach and Trainer - HeartMath® Institute, California

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 Are you ready to lead your life and business?