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I've been working with Harjot Mann for a few months and she is an amazing coach. She cares deeply about your progress, encourages you to stretch and gives you great insight and advice.

I had so many aha moments during her coaching that made me see the things from a new fresh perspective.

She is also loving, kind, a good listener and makes you feel super comfortable during the sessions. Before finding her, my everyday life was a little bit of chaos, having had a baby recently, I was stressed out, many things to do in my business and didn't have time for anything. It was overwhelming.

She guided through how to put my priorities in order, release stress, set achievable goals, manage my time and helped me dig deeper and find answers in myself, to have a life in alignment with my truth.

Her coaching has helped me a lot and I can only recommend her 100%. I only wish she could be my coach for life! Thank you so much Harjot!!

Marta Escolano
Health Coach


I worked with Harjot over a 3-month period. Harjot helped me achieve my original goals and supported me through other difficulties that came up during that time.

Her coaching has had tremendous positive impact on me and on the work that I do.

I began my coaching relationship with Harjot to transform myself from being an introvert and become more comfortable being an online entrepreneur; show up more comfortably on social media.

During this 3-month of coaching with her, I also hit a personal snag that required the kind of support from Harjot that really helped me during the most difficult time in my life.

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Having sessions to talk through, and learning helpful practices to take back home really helped me work through the challenges.

The techniques gave me motivation and helped me show up for with my own clients.

Rhonda Kaluund
International best-selling Author, Life Coach, Licensed Mental Health Counselor

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Working with Harjot has been amazing. We seem to connect on a much higher plane. She is very caring, intuitive and knowledgeable.

She is able to keep me on track, and dig deeper when I’m feeling stuck or lacking focus and having difficulty making a decision.

I found her techniques make me more mindful, and help me stay focused on task.She helped me shift mindset and get out of limiting beliefs that would usually hold me back.

Harjot can sense what you are needing in the moment, and can shift perspectives depending on what is going on in your situation.

I learn something new in each session, which is nice. Great motivator, amazing listener, and straightforward. I really want to coach like Harjot.

Paulette Johnson
Holistic Nutritionist


Harjot is the most incredible coach that I've worked with and this was my third time working with a coach.Working with Harjot became the turning point in my self-employment and I believe it to be one of the best decisions I've made this year.

Not only we did get clear on the goal for the near future and set up the plan for it, but also worked through fear and beliefs that were setting me back. I saw the progress right after a couple of sessions and was shocked by the results of the 3 months of coaching with Harjot. Besides achieving the goals and results I was looking for, I became more confident and also successfully got the big clients I really wanted to work with. I would so recommend getting on board with her if you want to have your life changed!

Anastasia ShcherbakovaMarketing Strategist.png

I wish I had started working with her earlier. She gets involved in your situation and participates actively in the sessions, needless to say, how supportive and kind she is. Her coaching style would be a great fit for aspiring entrepreneurs who doubt themselves and haven’t found their clear path yet. I am truly grateful for all the work that we've done together!

Anastasia Shcherbakova
Marketing Strategist


Workshop Testimonials

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