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Master your life & success

Because nothing in life is random - NOT even your success


It’s time to… 

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excel in your life

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activate and master the innate leader in you and start living the life you want

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lead a dream business or career you thrive in


Most importantly, it’s time to live and experience a purpose you feel soulfully connected with.

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An integral part of having a successful career and life is creating it with an

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that follows a strategic system AND it aligns with your values and purpose


Do you know what it looks like to be out of this alignment and leaving our success to randomness?

First of all, you’ll feel like you’re falling behind and failing to have the life you truly want.

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I like transparency, so I am going to tell you exactly what out of alignment looks like:


Emotionally you feel drained, overwhelmed, frustrated, and even powerless in your own life and business.

Mentally, you feel confused, disorganized, negative, and choiceless.

Physically, you feel tired, tense, and fatigued.

....and if you’ve been out of alignment long enough you will spiritually feel lost, and disconnected with your values and purpose.


You did not come into existence to live like this.

At your core you hold your biggest power - your unique power to design your life the way you want to!

But do you know how to implement this power and excel in life?

I can help you do exactly that.

If I asked you what’s your big dream or goal in life, chances are you’ll have an answer for me.

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But if I asked you what is your exact plan for the next 12 months?

Or 6 monthS?

Or even the next 3 months?

There are high chances you won’t have a clear answer for me!


Stop living your life and pursuing your goals randomly

You need a strategic navigation plan.

Because the inspirational videos and the motivational books won’t always teach you the unique strategies and implementation guide that will work for you.


I want you to dream BIG and achieve BIG goals

Because you came here to live your highest potential.

Let me help you excel and break down this big dream into micro steps that you are able to achieve and measure in a realistic timeline.

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If you continue to take random actions that perhaps everyone else around you is taking, you will struggle to breakthrough and achieve your goals for life and success.

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How would it feel to…

Have better focus and clear direction

Take intelligent, inspired and intentional actions that lead to success

Progress ahead with clarity and strategy to achieve personal and professional goals

Experience deep transformational mindset based in abundance and growth

Have deep level support, coaching and mentorship

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$ 583.00


  • 3.5 hours ( 210 min.) of focused work on mindset transformation. Specifically, breaking through your fears, hesitations and limiting beliefs stopping you to achieve progress.

  • 60 min. to establish clarity, intention, and desire

  • 60 min. for analysis, investigation and strategy ( Creating a micro step system for you)

  • 60 min. of implementation plan, creating support and resources.

  • 1 x 30 minute progress check in (post-intensive)



Payment plan available


  • 12x 60 min biweekly coaching calls for deep 1:1 support and guidance focused on your growth and results, working through blocks and achieving goals

  • Unlimited access to me between calls via emails

  • Unlimited feedback on progress check-ins and actions taken

  • 3x30 min additional calls for emergencies

  • Customized workbook to keep you on track, measure and record your progress + more.

  • Action plan sent after each session via email

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$ Varies (Please fill form by clicking ‘Apply Now’)

  • Delivering customized workshops to organizations or teams

  • 1 day group or team intensives on emotional resilience & boosting morale and performance

  • Talks on personal & spiritual development and emotional resilience

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Private coaching

After filling out the intake form, you will proceed to schedule your ‘Clarity call’ with me. This call is when we’ll meet each other. We will clarify your needs and expectations. We will figure out the service that best suits your needs.

All coaching calls and intensive sessions are done in a virtual video meeting.

My digital courses are available for purchase here.

To book workshops and intensives for teams and organizations

Please fill out the contact form, and I will get back to you within 48 hours.

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I’m Harjot, a doctor turned coach.

I help ambitious achievers just like you break through the blocks and achieve goals in life.

I’ve been coaching for more than 2 years and have served hundreds of clients through my private coaching, group coaching, and workshops.

I have coached clients from all over the world and helped them take intelligent, inspired, and intentional actions for designing the life and success they want.

I look forward to helping you do the same!


Frequently Asked Questions

What is Self-Mastery & Leadership Coaching?

I believe that when you master yourself, you can master everything else! My coaching is deep support focused on you to help you master your unique potential, your inner guide, and cultivate the innate leader you are born to be. Coaching is a partnership of a meaningful, creative, mindset-transforming and an action oriented process to maximize personal and professional potential. My coaching framework brings a unique blend of evidence-science-research based tools and spiritual wisdom. Through my coaching I help facilitate your personal development, master your fears and abilities so you can take intelligent, inspired, intentional actions that lead to your success.


Who are your ideal clients?


My ideal clients are ambitious and emerging leaders and entrepreneurs. They are big dreamers, big achievers, high performers and are driven by purpose and service. They prefer to think outside of the box instead of following the crowds. They want to be the change makers in the world around them. Above all, they are interested in bringing influence through value to those they serve.


How do coaching sessions work?


Coaching sessions are done through virtual video meetings. I do offer audio/phone sessions based on client preferences. Typically one standard coaching session lasts for 60 min.

I also offer coaching intensive sessions. My half day coaching intensives are 3.5 hours and full day ones are about 7 hours.


What exactly do I get?


Please scroll above to read the details of each package. Or contact me if you need further clarification. Contact.


Do you do staff retreats and workshops to teams and organizations?


Yes. I provide customized team building workshops/retreats focused on building emotional and leadership resilience, boosting team morale, effective communication and decision making. To find out more, please click here to fill this form.