Number one thing standing between you, your dreams + goals

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The culprit

The biggest culprit that stands between you; your goals and your dreams is a part of your physical body, that shows; dressed up in it’s favourite character we all know too well: The Resistance. The sneaky monster that ONLY starts forming its strong hold on you, the moment you take a step forward in the direction of something your soul desires.

The moment you start thinking about quitting your 9-5, in comes the resistance, rushing in to convince you to stay where you are, because failure.

It shows up the moment you think about public speaking.

When you decide to finally open up that dream business.

How come it never showed up before? (Something to think hard about).

But actually, when it comes to working through resistance, thinking isn’t going to do much work.

Here’s why:

The resistance is actually, quite literally present physically in your body.

Hello, reptilian brain and the years of evolution and survival. In your case, it brings with it, all the unique implicit memories formed in the first 3 years of your life.

Image by: Wayne Chan,  Unsplash

Image by: Wayne Chan, Unsplash

So, this lizard brain of yours, it makes you want to NOT act in accordance to what your heart ‘s calling(s). Because it wants to rescue you from the dangers of following your “heart”. Failure means many things that feel like real danger, threat, discomfort, judgement, humiliation, rejection ( I could go on…).

Essentially, it wants to keep you “safe” and would that be such a bad thing?

It is when it wants you to keep your expectations low. It is a bad thing when it wants you to bite you tongue and follow the crowd.

The worst of it all: It’s bad because it makes you believe you are not talented and capable enough to do the thing that the inner you really wants to do.

Resistance is the reptilian brain’s favourite way to hold its power over you. This is why forming new habits and behaviour is so damn hard.

Every time your soul shows up, the resistance shows up too. In fact, the resistance often is louder than your soul’s voice. [But it’s louder, not stronger.]

So what do you have to do to gain back your power from it?

You must learn to “trick” your brain and to re-train it. You can imprint newer memories in your brain around challenging situations, by consciously feeling and behaving in a way that shows courage, strength and pure joy, instead of fear and avoidance. In the beginning, there is always discomfort. But if you are willing to choose courage, and challenge your resistance despite this initial discomfort, you will reach more and more of your potential.

Most people give up, because discomfort holds lesser power compared to comfort.

And, making effort isn’t as popular, until it is.

It’s going to take MORE than just intellectual and mental mindset work.

It’s going to take MORE THAN a mindset course or a book.

You need to gain back your power using ALL of the following three elements:

The Mind: Doing all the practical things; the planning; and the awareness to start with.

The Body: An actual; new lived experience around situations where resistance shows up, during the moment it does. Growth is more sustainable when newer regenerative emotions and behaviour is experienced in the moments that bring resistance.

The Soul: A solid foundation built on truth, compassion, contentment, humility, and love.

You are a system built on limitless potential; expressed and experienced through your Mind, Body, and Soul. So why would you only rely on the mind?

As a coach I offer my clients a wholesome approach which addresses all three domains of your being: The Mind, Soul and Body intelligence to promote personal growth and business growth. Together in a combination of science and spiritual wisdom, I enjoy helping you get coherent ( harmony and alignment across all aspects of life), while building a coherent business thats successful, impactful and fulfilling.

Are you someone who is pursuing your big dreams but having trouble fully showing up with alignment, flow and efficiency? Book a quick virtual meeting with me here to see how I may be able to help you.

Harjot Mann

Leadership + Self-Mastery Coach