Why Leadership Mindset is THE thing that will make you successful, impactful, and emotionally liberated.

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Taking mindset work a few steps beyond journaling and affirmations.

There’s a misconception out there that high-achievers don’t need mindset work. I believe everyone benefits from it but, high-achievers actually need it the most. They are the ones who need to establish a consistent and conscious mindset practice. 


Because high-achievers set challenging, big, bold, and audacious goals that require them to consistently level up their mindset.

Mindset work has been reduced to just journaling and affirmations, and while the two can usually be powerful - when done right. The real shifts happen when you integrate the things your journal about and affirm, into the daily operations of your business and life.

Instead of following random mindset practices based on what other successful people are doing, take time to cultivate practices that address your real and unique mindset blocks.

Anchoring your mindset work into a direction is key. Having a direction to pace yourself with, will help you stay consistent while you work for a long term; sustainable success.

My approach to mindset work is anchored in cultivating a leadership mindset and I believe mindset work requires us to address three domains of your being: thoughts, feelings, and behaviour. 

There are three things your mindset work should address: 

Your thought patterns.

The emotional soundtrack; running in the background of your day, decisions, perceptions, and actions.

You behaviours and actions that you tend to lean into the most ( often unconsciously). 

Addressing these three things is important because these are the three things that create the experience and reality you live everyday. 

If there’s one rule about succeeding at your dreams and goals, it is this: Your current experience and reality of your life must be a match with your goals and dreams.

Your mindset work needs to be aligned with your goals. So don’t adopt random journaling practices, or affirmations - make them specific to your being, your goals, and start integrating them into your business and life right now. 

Leadership mindset requires you to adopt certain leader-qualities and attributes. 

The reason being that, you have to be willing to become a leader so you could challenge old narratives, and the status quo. Leaders create a vision and goals with an intention and responsibility to see it through.

To become a leader, you have to think like a leader, and to do that you have to keep these things in mind:

  • Leaders decide what they want is possible for them even when there’s no upfront proof and they commit 100% to their decisions.

  • Leaders prioritize the success they want to achieve, the impact they want to create, and the emotional liberation they want to feel in their life.

  • Leaders are willing to shift perspectives in order to change the trajectory of situations, so that they align with their goals and vision. 

In the following video training I did live, I talk about mindset work that goes beyond journaling and affirmations. In the video you will learn that:

  • Leadership mindset is THE thing to create wild success, soulful impact, and emotional liberation.

  • High-achievers need to do mindset work THE MOST.

  • Taking your mindset work from your daily practices to actually INTEGRATING it into your daily operations of business and life. 

  • The 3 domains you need to be addressing to create a long term mindset practice with example.

  • And so much more!

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